Core Values

The values are persistent throughout the business and people.

     We have a distinctive set of Core Values which drive the way we do business and care about people. These integrated corporate values at all times operate the business, express our image, and have remained guiding principles, governing the foundation and development of MatBao BPO for years.


     We are proud to be one of the leading BPO companies in Vietnamese market and be confident to fulfil clients in terms of service deliverables. With pride, MatBao BPO is living up to enterprises clients as the most trusted name in the Vietnamese BPO market. Likewise, our employees are fundamental to our success and remain a value in their own right. Therefore, we always strive to create the right environment for the right people. The basic principle is that people can trust us.


     In today’s world of rapidly evolving economic and market conditions, we comprehend clients’ business needs and appreciate every single opportunity to serve clients so we do it to the full extent with constant care and commitment at all times.


     At MatBao BPO, clients’ success and people development drive our business. We always respect clients and employees with a strong sense of pride. For years, MatBao BPO has been doing business in industries where respect means everything. The secret behind MatBao BPO reputation as a credible and valuable business partner is its respect for clients and people.